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It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year (in spite of ourselves)

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Hello, Dear Reader!

Well, it's here. The Holiday Season. Again. I hear deep sighs. I can almost hear your thoughts! "I'm SO busy, how can I get it all done, why do I do this every year, where am I going to get all the presents without dealing with the traffic, when is my next psychiatric exam?"

I would like to offer you a quick solution, and some Inner Peace. One, take a deeeep breath. In through the nose, out through the mouth....yeah, that's it, nice and, listen to Aunty Mary....listening? Ok, it's easier than you think.

Change your mind.

Oh, I see the burst of frustration! Your blood pressure just elevated! WHAT? Hang on, indulge me!

Make a choice this year to look around at all that is beautiful. All that is calm and bright. Yes, it's all around you, even in the (appearance of) chaos. Make it a POINT to stop and look. To breathe. Yes, in the store. In the car at the stop light is a perfect time to stop, take that deep breath, and say, "Hello, G*d" or, for you secular Ones, "Hello, Me". Now.......

I know that you see articles - and blogs - that focus on "simplifying" the Holidays, but it seems that even those are more technical, once you factor in fighting your way through the "simple" shopping list for those DIY projects. And oh, the HORROR of the stores and malls this time of year.

Let me extend this lovely idea to you: Shop Local. Yep, LOCAL. There are craft shows, holiday bazaars, nutcracker markets, antique shops in every town in every state and country. Imagine this. You get up on Saturday morning, grab some coffee, and drive to the local farmer's market, where you find vendors selling gorgeous handmade crochet, jellies, repurposed jewelry - like this: - and so. much. more. There are thousands of people out there that create labors of love in the handmade, artisan, crafters market, and they do it because they LOVE WHAT THEY DO. How many "import items" at the malls are made by people who LOVE WHAT THEY DO? Not many!

For many years, my gifts have consisted of baskets that are based on what my friends and family love and collect. Most all of the items are locally sourced, handmade, small batched. I bought them while strolling some really fun venues, with a bottle of water in my purse, a cup of coffee in my hand, and, on occasion, my husband by my side (gotta have someone nice to tote those parcels). Often, those leisurely days ended with a quiet lunch or glass of wine in some funky place, and a bag full of goodies for the gift baskets.

My recipients always look forward to "what's in the basket" - and they LOVE their goodies. It's so nice to avoid the mall! And to keep my money "local" - I know that when I buy some lovely hand crocheted scarf, that a mother/wife has sat on her couch for the 3 hours it took to make it, and delights in my purchase. At the end of the show, she tells her husband, "wow, and I sold the red one!" -- I know this, because I do this! There is nothing I love more than to see you leave with some of my spice blends or a wine cork wall letter that I makes me so proud on a very deep level to know that something I have created with my two hands is going to live in your home or grace your palate....

So what am I saying? SHOP LOCAL.  This means: farmer's markets, church bazaars, the "beg/barter/buy" sections on Facebook, antique malls (if you don't like antiques, let me tell you, they are FABULOUS sources for things you never thought of for gifts - they're not the overpriced, stuffy places you may imagine. They're mostly funky and lots of fun. You WILL find something, I promise)

Local for me is the Texas area near Houston. If you live close, check out my events page and come visit. If you don't, check out your local events pages and shop your small businesses.

Happy Thanksgiving, Happy Hanukkah, Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and.....Namaste', Y'all!

Welcome to the Inner Sanctum at Redneck Feng Shui

Mary MeierComment

So! You found my website! And you're asking yourself, "Self? What IS all this Redneck Feng Shui business, and WHO is Redneck Feng Shui?"  Please allow me to introduce myself!

My name is Mary. I am a regular gal, living the Dream in beautiful Texas. My husband, Mr. Man, and I have a little ol' dusty house under the oaks on 25 acres of pasture and woods...creatures abound: squirrel, deer, cows, armadillos, raccoons, possum: all sorts of critters doing their busy work all around us. Our children are grown and gone, but we went and got new ones: 2 dogs and 2 cats. Somehow, they're more demanding than the human ones! I am the WHO behind Redneck Feng Shui. Mr. Man is my capable assistant, which means he totes a lot of stuff for me, builds me all sorts of gadgets when I need them, and offers a guy perspective on whatever project I am into - which is a nice way of saying he tells me what I am doing wrong, then takes over and does it right! He's also my cheerleader and a good promoter. Yep, he's a keeper.

What does Redneck Feng Shui DO? Well, I wear all sorts of hats. I maintain an Etsy store that has some pretty nifty vintage and handmade stuff, I am an Ebay seller, and I participate in Farmer's Markets and Craft Shows around East and Central Texas. I create my own Artisan Spice Blends that are small batched and absolutely delicious! I will be posting a list of the tasty blends I am offering this year, and will actively update the Events page letting you know where I will be with those yummy Love, they really are good...I sell a line of soap at some shows called Filthy Farmgirl. All natural, handmade in Hawai'i, and the BEST. SOAP. EVER. You can see me at Craft Shows throughout the year with a variety of stuff from the spice blends to the soaps to other handmade items. My Events page will tell you what all I will have at each event, as it changes! I also maintain a booth at an antique mall in downtown Historic Montgomery! Check out my facebook page for the address, then come check out my booth!

What was that? "Where in the world did you get that crazy name, Mary?" Is that what you said? I'll tell you: my home and life is a mish mash of country living, total Spiritual seeking, and hippie attitude. Wikipedia defines Feng Shui as "...a Chinese philosophical system of harmonizing everyone with the surrounding environment." When I arrange things in my home, I am often filling spaces in a balanced, eye-pleasing way, with everything from Deer mounts to pastel art to funky vintage furniture to stained glass. My daughter said once our house looks like "a hippie resale shop" - but there is always the Texas twist - Willie Nelson photos, the ever present Deer mounts, the American flag always flying...all put together in such a way that the eye never tires or thinks something is off balance. THAT, my friends, is Redneck Feng Shui.

THAT is what I am bringing to you. Vintage and handmade that is harmonious, interesting, fun, tasty, pleasing, beautiful, creative, and distinctive. Always made or curated with lots of Love, Aloha, Namaste' and Spirit.

Stay tuned! Sign up for my newsletter telling of events in and around my area. Check back in to see changes to the website. Go to the Etsy page: lots will be added as I continue to grow. Drop me a line and say hello. 

Most of all, live in Peace with your Self and with others. Be kind to animals and children. Be nice to your family members. Help a stranger in need. Take care of You.

Namaste', y'all!